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Four Strategies to survive automated writing and content bots

Four Strategies to survive automated writing and content bots
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Beware of the bot-speak.

How to hear (and delete) every conversation your Amazon Alexa has recorded – The Verge

Here’s how to see every conversation your Alexa device has ever recorded, and how to delete them from your Amazon Echo history.
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Oops, you mean that time I couldn’t get her to listen and I cussed her out was recorded?!!!

3 B2B Tech Brands with Stand-Out Visual Content Marketing

The stereotype that B2B visual content marketing tends to be stale and uninspired presents an opportunity to differentiate your brand from the pack.
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Visuals drive these #BrandStorytelling companies. Great examples.

Lake Worth falsely sends out ‘zombie’ alert during power outage

The city stressed that there are no zombies ‘currently’ in the area.
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I don’t watch the show but someone at Lake Worth Utilities obviously does – and it’s FUNNY!

Steve Mnuchin: Officials should take a serious look at tech monopolies

Mnuchin acknowledged that antitrust matters don’t fall under his jurisdiction, but said someone ought to be looking.
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Too much power?