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FaceApp denies storing users’ photographs without permission

App was launched by Russian developer in 2017 and uses AI to change people’s features.


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The Richest Person In Every State

Billionaires — they walk among us — though usually in penthouse villas high above the clouds. As of 2019, there are 607 #billionaires in the United States, but only a select club can say they’ve got the most cheddar in their home states. Who are the richest #tycoons swimming in their gold coins a la Scrooge McDuck in your state? The data viz magicians from HowMuch charted the filthiest of the filthy rich in every state in America.

Microsoft to allow Alexa to integrate further into Windows 10 – The Verge

Microsoft is opening up Windows 10 further to third-party digital assistants. Alexa and others will soon be able to activate above the Windows 10 lock screen on PCs
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What is a smart city and how does one plan for it? | TechRadar

The exponential growth of cities around the globe comes with new technical challenges, and the potential for smart cities.
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The Toxic Potential of YouTube’s Feedback Loop | WIRED

Opinion: I worked on AI for YouTube’s “recommended for you” feature. We underestimated how the algorithms could go terribly wrong.
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