Surfing Webcams in Florida

There are lots of surfing webcams in Florida but these are my favorites because they stay up (most of the time) and show a wide range of views and information for surfers and don’t have ad interruptions. Sorry to see go. It used to be the goto website for surfing webcams that didn’t have a fee. The order below is from North (at the top) to South on the East Coast of Florida. #webcams #surfing #surf

We are only posting free sites that don’t interrupt the images or streams with ads and we check regularly if they are still working. This doesn’t guarantee that they will always be up. If you know of others, please contact me and I’ll add them.

Why this page? I just do it as a community service for surfers (myself included) – To provide a single-source to be able to see all the cameras on one page rather than checking 18 different sites to get daily surf updates.

R. Michael Brown, Marketing Consultant, Multimedia Producer, and Freelance Writer and Editor
St. Augustine, Florida North Side of Pier
St. Augustine, Florida, South Side of Pier
Flagler Pier Moving Live Cam
Flagler Pier

Flagler Pier

One of the best surf webcams in Florida. Shows live video of a surf spot I pioneered with my buddies in the 1960’s. I last surfed here about 6 years ago. Still one of my favorites.

Ormond Beach
Daytona Beach Cam

Story: See the Aftermath of Hurricane Ian on the North Side of Ponce Inlet

Story: Hurricane Ian destroyed Ponce Inlet between Daytona and New Smyrna Beach

Ponce inlet, between Daytona on the North side and New Smyrna Beach on the South side, was destroyed by Hurricane Ian so the cameras are down. Click video to see the story.

New Smyrna Beach North Beach Cam
New Smyrna Beach – South Beach Cam
Cape Canaveral

Canaveral Jetty Park

Just North of Cocoa Beach, I surfed this spot a lot in the 1970’s. Smaller waves but with the right wind conditions, a great spot.

Cocoa Beach Pier

Cocoa Beach Pier

Camera down since Hurricane Ian. No notice when it will be back up. A busy place to surf and terrible place to park but it’s worth checking just see what the wave situation is in Cocoa Beach.

Two Palms at Patrick Spaceforce Base

Old reliable camera north of Patrick’s O-Club.

Town of Satellite Beach

Satellite Beach is home to great hard bottom spots including RC’s. Because of the hard bottom, it can handle bigger swells and I’ve had some of my best big wave sessions there. The town website has 2 free cameras provided by Surfline.

Cocoa Beach

Unfortunately this camera isn’t updating now and hasn’t for years. The video is a recording, not live! This is where surfing exploded in Florida and hometown to Kelly Slater, the GOAT. From the Pier to Two Palms, Officers Club, 2nd Light, and further south to Satellite Beach, and Melbourne, this area has pretty consistent surf, especially for longboards.

Sebastian Inlet

Sebastian Inlet

One of the most overrated surf spots in Florida even when it was working on the North side from the 1960’s to 2000. Construction killed it. I almost didn’t include it, but Monster Hole, outside on the South Side (mouth of Inlet) gets HUGE on North swells.

Jupiter Reef Club north of the Juno Beach Pier

Jupiter Reef Club

This is the closest free camera to the Juno Beach Pier (about a mile north).

Jupiter Inlet

Jupiter Inlet

Jupiter Inlet can get big with best waves from the North during a cold front. Outside and North of the inlet looks promising but rarely see anyone surfing there.

Pump House, Lake Worth Inlet

Lake Worth Inlet

The North side is know as Pump House and the South side is known as Reef Road. To confuse things even more, Lake Worth Inlet is also known to locals as Palm Beach Inlet. Whatever it’s called, it has the biggest waves in Florida.

Boynton Inlet

Boynton Beach Inlet

Boynton Inlet’s North side works great on a southeastern wind chop and the outside is awesome on a North swell if 1) you are willing to go that far out or 2) can tow-in. It’s a fast wave out there.

Delray Beach

Delray Beach

The South end of Delray Beach is where all the best waves are. North swells can be HUGE and consistent. Probably the best wind chop spot in S. Florida. My favorite spot because of the easy parking, great waves and even when it’s crowded you can still get waves.

Pavilion, Boca Raton

Pavilion Boca Raton

Beach level webcam at the Pavilion in South Beach Park in Boca Raton. Decent wind chop spot and North swell when it’s working outside.

South Beach Park, Boca Raton

South Beach Park in Boca

Aerial webcam showing the South Beach Park beach and surf. Parking is expensive in the park but there is some street parking if you’re willing to walk. My first ocean lifeguard tower in the image.

Boca Inlet

Boca Inlet

Boca Inlet is a fickle spot but when it’s working on a North swell it can be awesome. A 2 ft. swell at the Pavilion at the right tide at the inlet will be 2-3 times that size with rights and lefts. Limited parking. I had a lot of rescues here. Boaters don’t know this is one of the top 10 most dangerous inlets in the world.

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Delray Beach North Swell Surfing 1-14-2023

Captured and edited by R. Michael Brown
R. Michael Brown surfing a small north swell in Boca Raton, Florida
Reef Road in Palm Beach, Florida. Pump House (Singer Island) on the other side of the Lake Worth Inlet in the background.