Surfing Webcams in Florida

There are lots of surfing webcams in Florida but these are my favorites because they stay up (most of the time) and show a wide range of views and information for surfers. Sorry to see SlaveToTheWave go. This doesn’t replace that site but at least we have reliable webcams in one place now. #webcams #surfing #surf

South Beach Boca Raton Live Webcam

This surfcam image updates every minute. Site Includes wind and tides.

Boynton Beach Inlet Webcam

Webcams show the north, east, south including jetties on both sides of the inlet, and inlet boat traffic. Site shows weather, tides, and wind.

Lake Worth Inlet Webcam

Also known as the Palm Beach Inlet. Webcams show north, east and south to outside Reef Road surf spot. Each cam updates about every 20 minutes and includes a 20 second north to south panning video every 20 minutes. Also shows Port of Palm Beach.

Flagler Pier Live Video Webcam

One of the best surf webcams in Florida. Shows live video of a surf spot I pioneered in the 1960’s.

Pavilion South Beach Boca Raton

This set of cams is a service of the City of Boca Raton. There is a slideshow page, shows weather, tides, short recorded video.

Boca Inlet Webcam

Inlet webcams with views of Deerfield Beach, closeup of surfing area on south side of jetty, weather, tides, wind.

Jupiter Inlet Webcam

These webcams show north (plus a zoom), east, and south on the south side of the inlet. Weather, tides, livestream video, and more.

R. Michael Brown surfing a small north swell in Boca Raton, Florida
Reef Road in Palm Beach, Florida. Pump House (Singer Island) on the other side of the Lake Worth Inlet in the background.