Distracted Driving Worsens As Drivers Use Phones In Riskier Ways

A new report finds that when behind the wheel, more people are on their phones texting, sending emails, browsing the web and engaged in actions for things other than talking, which increases crash risk substantially.
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This Is Your Brain Off Facebook

Planning on quitting the social platform? A major new study offers a glimpse of what unplugging might do for your life. (Spoiler: It’s not so bad.)
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The modern tragedy of fake cancer cures – STAT

An underreported story about a half-baked advance caught fire and scorched its way through social media, onto TV, and into the minds of millions.
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Lasers could beam messages directly to a listener’s ear ‘like whispering secret from afar’, scientists say

It’s hoped the technology could one day be used for headphone-free TV watching without disturbing others or warning people of danger discreetly in situations like an active shooter attack
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