FTC targets suspicious ad claims by diamond and non-hi pot CBD brands: Marketer’s Brief | AdAge

FTC targets suspicious ad claims by diamond and CBD brands: Marketer’s Brief | AdAge
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Another Facebook user-data scandal: Thursday Wake-Up Call | AdAge

Droga5’s big move. Plus, another Facebook user-data scandal: Thursday Wake-Up Call | AdAge
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Python #2,000 Hunted and Removed from Everglades in 2 Years.

50 percent of pythons removed from the Everglades have been adult females each capable of laying 40 to 100 eggs per season.

That’s 500 snakes per year each laying that many eggs. Even if they got half of the snakes left (unlikely) that means a minimum of 20,000 pythons are being born per year.

That number has to be low.



Our Robocall Nightmare May Be Coming to an End – The Upgrade – Medium

My phone vibrates and I glance at the screen, noting the call’s “917” area code — the same as my own number. “New York City,” I note. “Might be important.” The call is from a fake credit card company…
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