Bill Cosby “Not Finished Yet”

Bill Cosby: The Master at Work

Bill Cosby: The Master at Work

One of the best communicators EVER just went back on after a 30 year break.  Listen to his bit on The Game of Chess and you’ll see a master at work.

It’s not just his words, which are written before the show.  His timing, intonation, and facial expressions are a lesson in how powerful body language is.

The Cos is a master storyteller.

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The Best Email, Calendar, Contacts Software for Busy Pros

Microsoft Outlook

Most of you know I’m not a fan of Microsoft.  Their products, business practices, and leadership are just not admirable – and I have direct experience with all three.

However, when anyone does something good I have to be honest about it.

I just switched back to Outlook for email, contacts, tasks, and calendar after going through many other products.

My latest before this transfer of my most valuable information was Apple’s software because I have a Mac laptop and an iPhone.  It is truly awful.  You have almost no control over your information or useful data about it.

Before that was Google’s Gmail and calendar along with Android.  Weak.

GoDaddy’s solution – Disaster.

I just transferred all my accounts back to Outlook.  With a few hiccups in the download it was relatively painless to import and get my over 2,000 contacts squared away; a busy personal, work, and consulting calendar imported and setup; and have it sync between my Mac laptop and iPhone.  iCloud will be the next task.

Many of you know this can be a scary and time-consuming process.  It is something I dread.  I got it done in a few hours and now I’m setup to be more productive than ever.

I’m surprised that Apple has, in my opinion, failed in this most basic need for busy people.

And even though Google has made improvements, I still don’t like the idea of all my content captured in the cloud with no local computer control – and Google mining it for my private information.  Plus their solution just doesn’t measure up to Outlook.  Nothing I’ve looked at or tried has.

If you want to do this, make sure you setup an Exchange account. Using Outlook without Exchange cripples the power of the software.

Good job Microsoft!  Now don’t screw it up.

Click to find out more (MacWorld)


My PR Advice for George Zimmerman – Yeah He Got Arrested Again

George Zimmerman arrested for allegedly attacking pregnant girlfriend in Florida: report

George, George, George…. can’t you just stay out of trouble?

Well, if you get out of this one too, here’s my public relations advice for you.

Move to Two Egg, Florida (Yes it really exists).  Start a sod farm near The Battle of Ekanachatte to grow, what else, grass – and lay low.

In Florida, you can’t get any lower than a sod farmer.  Nobody will find you and nobody will care about you.

And you deserve hard labor.  How hard is it to avoid getting arrested?  Bustin sod is perfect for you.  It reminds me of the prison chain-gangs that used to be all over the South.  You need self-imposed prison.

One bit of additional advice.  You are only allowed a shovel, a rake, and a handsaw to cut the wood pallets to do your work.  Try and stay out of trouble with them.  You shouldn’t have access to any firearms, power-tools, or booze.  And absolutely no women.

Live a life of a hermit for a while.  Stay on your farm.  You need the break and so do we.

Story Here  (NY Daily News)

Old Navy – You Stepped In It & Now You Stink

Army Veteran Banned from Old Navy Store Over Teen Employee in Marine Uniform

Vet’s story goes viral on Facebook

Aaron Bennett

Army veteran Aaron Bennett says he was banned from an Old Navy store in Jacksonville, Florida, after he pointed out a teen employee improperly wearing a Marine Corps uniform dress jacket complete with rank insignia, ribbons and a weapons badge, reported Wednesday.

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Our View

Is this a case of the Navy not liking the Army?  Nah… It’s a case of a stupid store manager, a stupid teenage employee, a stupid mall with stupid mall security… all in a military town.  And where did the kid get the Marine Corps jacket?  Where are the parents?

How to solve this Crisis PR problem?  Well Old Navy, you just managed to whack your brand.  You pissed off 35 million veterans and more.  And one thing we all know about our men and women in the real uniforms, they learned how to accept a mission and execute it.  They now have a cause…

And of course Old Navy, you did this right before the Christmas shopping season.  The time of year that you make most of your sales and revenue.

Aww, the heck with it.  Just fire everyone involved in the stupidity of it all.  Old Navy will be lucky if they survive.

How to Fix Obamacare: Keep Your Pre-Existing Medical Condition…

And by the way, you don't have to prove you're a citizen to vote either - no picture ID required.

And by the way, you don’t have to prove you’re a citizen to vote either – no picture ID required.

We’ve come up with some policies and talking points to fix Obamacare and its website.

  • You will be allowed to keep your pre-existing medical condition, as long as it’s terminal.
  • Instead of using a non-citizen on the cover of the website, find a citizen that actually was able to sign up for Obamacare.  Oops, still looking.
  • Make Rush Limbaugh the new spokesperson for Obamacare.
  • Launch a new email campaign and don’t allow anyone to opt-in.
  • Send out a press release that tells everyone how great Obamacare is that only conservative media outlets are allowed to run.  Really, it will work.
  • Get the Nigerian spamers that send the “We Have $Millions to Send You” to run the Obamacare campaign. Oh, sorry, they are already are.
  • Get Obama to declare there is a cure for mortality – all you have to do is signup for Obamacare.
  • Set up an Obamacare kiosk at the St. Augustine Fountain of Youth. It worked so well for the guy that founded it, Ponce de Leon, who died in 1521.



Your Public Relations Tip for the Day

denial w=300

Spreading rumors are often a tactic of those that are in denial. It helps their case.

Whether it’s politicians on the national level or posers on the local level, many participate in the fantasyland of denial.

They manufacture fake joy & image via fraud PR.

Even though they have hurt their own party and country, as in Obamacare, or broken up their family by divorce or other personal crisis, a common tactic is to blame others and put on a happy face.

Faking happy only works short term.

Ignoring the big issue you caused or stonewalling doesn’t work.

It fools those that are shallow or have surface level knowledge, without facts, only.

Long term, your national or local personal brand can recover through repentance.

In both cases, the only cure is to take FULL personal responsibility, admit the problem and fix the wrong, apologize publicly, and ask for forgiveness.

Otherwise you are doomed to be known as a: #pretender or #poser and someone that refuses to accept and address serious situations with the proper understanding and care.

Cranking out nonstop happy talk just confirms your denial.

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“How to create advertising that sells” – David Ogilvy

Written a long time ago but still true today. Instead of “ads”, substitute “content.”

The core of the strategy still works. It’s just not pure advertising when you change the focus from ads to content and Internet channels.