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Apple Shares Humorous ‘Working-From-Home Thing’ Video – MacRumors

Apple today shared a funny video focused on the problems that people working from home have to deal with, including noisy children, chaotic…
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Here’s What You’re Getting When You Spend $200 Million To Live In The World’s Tallest Residential Building – Digg

If money was no limit, you could live higher than anyone else in the Western Hemisphere, at the top of the Central Park Tower.

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Content Marketing Starts with Storytelling – It Doesn’t End There

Content is created for your business, usually stories, articles, tips, case studies, webinars, videos, and more (yes, we’ve identified more than 40 content types!) to help Google searchers learn or find out more about subjects they are interested in.

The content is intended to be helpful and relates in some way to your business or industry. Your business is NOT usually the subject of the content. Content producers are encouraged to relate it to a business but the minute the audience thinks of the content as an advertisement for an organization, they’re gone! You’ve lost them.

Content marketing roadmap to conversion

“An experienced and skilled storyteller produces interesting and helpful content while weaving your business into the story,” said Mike Brown, consultant at R. Michael Brown Communication, PR, & Marketing. “There’s a fine line between a prospect thinking of your content as interesting, helpful, and persuasive vs. perceived spam. After all, when a prospect searches Google looking for an answer to their problem, 75% are looking for information, they don’t want a sales pitch. They want information. The pitch comes later.”

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LinkedIn Now Lets Freelancers And SMBs List Their Services On Their Profile

Back in March, we wrote about a new feature that Jane Manchun Wong spotted being tested by LinkedIn, which allows users on the platform to look for recommendations on professionals who provide specific services.

Then in April, Wong spotted another new option for users to fill out a ‘Services’ section on their profiles to allow freelancers to showcase their services.

The two go hand in hand, and the latter is now rolling out to small business leaders and freelancers who have a Premium Business subscription in the U.S.


Those who have access to the new feature will have the ability to share what services they provide right on their profile, thus showing other members that they are “open for business.”

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Getting Creative With Storytelling During Covid-19 – Adweek

Getting Creative With Storytelling During Covid-19 – Adweek
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The ultimate ringer: Former MLB pitcher Jeremy Hellickson helps friends on slow pitch softball team

There was one out in the top of the fourth inning when Jordan Loebig stepped to the plate on Monday night. 

Loebig, a slugger for The Station on Ingersoll’s slow pitch softball team, had already belted two home runs in the first game of that night’s doubleheader. Not wanting to give him a shot at a third, the opposing pitcher opted for an intentional walk, loading the bases for the No. 9 hitter

This wasn’t your typical No. 9 hitter, though. Stepping to the plate was Des Moines, Iowa, native Jeremy Hellickson, who just wrapped up a long career as one of the most successful major league players to come out of Iowa. Hellickson, a right-handed pitcher, won the Rookie of the Year Award, a Gold Glove and is coming off a World Series championship season with the Washington Nationals.

Eight go mad in Arizona: how a lockdown experiment went horribly wrong | Film | The Guardian

In the 1990s, a troupe of hippies spent two years sealed inside a dome called Biosphere 2. They ended up starving and gasping for breath. As a new documentary Spaceship Earth tells their story, we meet the ‘biospherians’
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iPhone 12 rumors: Release date, specs, screen size and 5G predictions – CNET

Here are eight standout rumors about the upcoming iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.
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Hope mission to Mars: How to watch historic launch to the red planet Tuesday – CNET

The UAE probe aims to offer a holistic view of how Mars’ climate varies during the year.
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