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Amazon’s Incredible Web Of Businesses Shows Just How Large Its Ambitions Are

This is everything (we know of) owned by “The Everything Store.”
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Video News Taking Over Social Media

At the Palm Beach Civic Association, where I’m the Communications Director, I started writing and producing a weekly news broadcast about the Town of Palm Beach. Because of social media, it has become wildly successful.  We’re getting over 12,000 views a week.  That’s right, an island town with only 7,300 physical addresses and 5,800 registered…
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Architecture Expert Gives A Thorough Analysis Of The Stunning Decline Of The American Mall – Digg

A quarter of all American malls will close by 2022. An architecture professor explains why malls are failing and what their future entails.
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Brands like HP and Apple try film to reach young consumers who skip commercials – Los Angeles Times

Nike, HP, Apple and other brands are investing in documentaries as an alternative to reaching younger consumers who are skipping commercials.
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Google’s core June 2019 algorithm change hurts Daily Mail

The search giant just tweaked its algorithm with a core update for June 2019, and there already seems to be an impact.

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