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German Policeman Comes Up With An Effective Way To Deal With Rubberneckers At A Fatal Crash – Digg

Rubbernecking is bad — it intrudes on tragic situations, it slows down traffic and it’s just not great. This German policeman had enough after a crash on the Autobahn, and came up with a new way to shame rubberneckers.
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Pull them over, invite them to look at the dead body, and charge them a fine.

Lock Picker Tests Company’s ‘Improved’ Bike Lock After He Easily Cut The Original. And, Well… – Digg

The CEO of Ottolock did not have kind words for the Lock Picking Lawyer after the YouTuber snipped through the bike lock in seconds. But Ottolock has now released the extra-strength Hexband lock. Unfortunately, it’s still not strong enough.
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We Can’t Tell If This Is The Best Or Worst Brand Tweet Of All Time – Digg

Writer Tony Posnanski got into a little beef with the Twitter account for coconut water brand Vita Coco on Wednesday and things took a rather unexpected turn.
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