State-of-the-Art Interactive Design

Mass Explained Screens

If you are a multimedia producer, interactive designer, graphic designer, writer, or illustrator, check out this new iPad App and learn.  It’s like the National Geographic of the Roman Catholic Mass – all explained using multimedia.

A friend of mine, Dan Gonzalez, has developed this amazing work.

Mass Explained iPad App is the National Geographic version of the Catholic Mass

Dan is one of the top designers, illustrators, and interactive media producers in the world.  And he’s a devout Catholic right here in Miami.

May I ask that you check it out and forward it to all your friends?

Also “Like” and “Follow” Dan to see the next release.  That’s right, there’s more to come.  Stay tuned!

Click to see the website describing this amazing project (Mass Explained)

Click Here to Go to the Mass Explained App Page



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