Do You Owe Back Taxes? Why You Should Stop Panicking and Start Planning.

tax-forms_400If you owe back taxes to the IRS, some amount of panic is understandable. After all, the Internal Revenue Service has the power of the federal government in its corner, something no other debt collector can claim. They are considered the most brutal collection agency on the planet.

It’s easy to freeze up and just do nothing when you owe back taxes to the IRS, but hiding from, or doing nothing about, your tax debt will not make it go away. In fact, ignoring the taxes you owe will only make the situation worse, since interest and penalties can really add up.

You also risk having your paycheck garnished (the IRS does not need a court order to do this), your bank account levied, and the IRS can also file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien making it all but impossible to obtain financing for a car or home.

So instead of panicking about your tax debt and hoping the problem will go away, you need to take some proactive steps. Now is not the time to panic and hide – now is the time to start taking action.

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My Take at Brownie Bytes

Michael Miller is a friend of mine.  Known him for years.  He’s smart, honest, fair, and works really hard.  He’s a rare breed of lawyer and CPA – law and tax accounting.  He specializes in #TaxResolution and he cares about his clients.

I’ve watched him take calls on his cellphone when we’re having lunch and walk clients through how to resolve their issues with the IRS.

He’s asked me to produce some articles to help folks with their tax problems so he can put them on his blog.  This is the first form me but he has many more that he wrote that you might find interesting.

If you have unpaid taxes, can’t get a passport because of IRS problems, need advice in dealing with the IRS, read his articles and give him a call.


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