Shaping Tomorrow’s STEM Leaders | Lockheed Martin

This summer, Lockheed Martin welcomed 2,400 interns, more than half of whom are working virtually. In addition to gaining real-world experience on projects supporting the F-35 to Orion, and hypersonics to helicopters, over 400 interns have been designing and testing drones and aircraft in voluntary simulation software projects.

“Intern teams are conceptually modifying a fixed wing aircraft in the simulator and then racing their designs against other teams in an online lobby over our Sikorsky facility in Stratford, Connecticut,” said Tadd Shiffer Jr., a former intern who now serves as an intern program co-lead and an associate research engineer at Sikorsky.

Prepar3D offers interns the same training experience that private pilots, commercial organizations and militaries rely on for immersive, experiential learning. For decades, Lockheed Martin has been developing trusted A/AI technologies to help humans maximize safety, performance and situational awareness across domains.

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