Your Public Relations Tip for the Day

denial w=300

Spreading rumors are often a tactic of those that are in denial. It helps their case.

Whether it’s politicians on the national level or posers on the local level, many participate in the fantasyland of denial.

They manufacture fake joy & image via fraud PR.

Even though they have hurt their own party and country, as in Obamacare, or broken up their family by divorce or other personal crisis, a common tactic is to blame others and put on a happy face.

Faking happy only works short term.

Ignoring the big issue you caused or stonewalling doesn’t work.

It fools those that are shallow or have surface level knowledge, without facts, only.

Long term, your national or local personal brand can recover through repentance.

In both cases, the only cure is to take FULL personal responsibility, admit the problem and fix the wrong, apologize publicly, and ask for forgiveness.

Otherwise you are doomed to be known as a: #pretender or #poser and someone that refuses to accept and address serious situations with the proper understanding and care.

Cranking out nonstop happy talk just confirms your denial.

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