The Best Email, Calendar, Contacts Software for Busy Pros

Microsoft Outlook

Most of you know I’m not a fan of Microsoft.  Their products, business practices, and leadership are just not admirable – and I have direct experience with all three.

However, when anyone does something good I have to be honest about it.

I just switched back to Outlook for email, contacts, tasks, and calendar after going through many other products.

My latest before this transfer of my most valuable information was Apple’s software because I have a Mac laptop and an iPhone.  It is truly awful.  You have almost no control over your information or useful data about it.

Before that was Google’s Gmail and calendar along with Android.  Weak.

GoDaddy’s solution – Disaster.

I just transferred all my accounts back to Outlook.  With a few hiccups in the download it was relatively painless to import and get my over 2,000 contacts squared away; a busy personal, work, and consulting calendar imported and setup; and have it sync between my Mac laptop and iPhone.  iCloud will be the next task.

Many of you know this can be a scary and time-consuming process.  It is something I dread.  I got it done in a few hours and now I’m setup to be more productive than ever.

I’m surprised that Apple has, in my opinion, failed in this most basic need for busy people.

And even though Google has made improvements, I still don’t like the idea of all my content captured in the cloud with no local computer control – and Google mining it for my private information.  Plus their solution just doesn’t measure up to Outlook.  Nothing I’ve looked at or tried has.

If you want to do this, make sure you setup an Exchange account. Using Outlook without Exchange cripples the power of the software.

Good job Microsoft!  Now don’t screw it up.

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