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Apple should make more iPad apps for the Mac – The Verge

Dieter Bohn argues that this year at WWDC, Apple should go all in and make nearly all of its consumer Mac apps with the new UIKit / Marzipan frameworks, including Mail, Notes, Messages, FaceTime, Photos, Reminders, and Calendar. Apple should just go for it, sooner rather than later, and ideally right now.
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Inside China’s Surveillance Crackdown on Uyghurs | WIRED

In Xinjiang, northwest China, the government is cracking down on the minority Muslim Uyghur population, keeping them under constant surveillance and throwing more than a million people into concentration camps. But in Istanbul, 3,000 miles away, a community of women who have escaped a life of repression are fighting a digital resistance.
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Uber and Lyft Face Hurdle of Finding and Keeping Drivers – WSJ

Uber and Lyft are banking on a future where ever-more riders rely on ride-hailing. But that future assumes the companies will be able to accomplish something pretty difficult—finding enough drivers.
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Crazy/Genius: Why Should We Care About Privacy? – The Atlantic

The Atlantic podcast Crazy/Genius returns to explain how privacy became the most important idea on the internet—and why it’s still so confusing.
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My Take by Brownie Bytes

#Google #Facebook #Amazon and #Twitter don’t have our best interests in mind especially when it comes to privacy. They are amoral techies with an agenda that we cannot trust.

Drones used missiles with knife warhead to take out single terrorist targets – Ars Technica

Drones used missiles with knife warhead to take out single terrorist targets – Ars Technica
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The Next Evolution Of Brand Storytelling

With more than 400 million active users every day, stories—the interactive videos at the top of social feeds—are eclipsing other forms of content and are quickly becoming the status quo of sharing.
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